American Aquatic Testing, Inc.  
The First Name in Bioassay Testing

American Aquatic Testing, Inc., located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a full service environmental laboratory specializing in aquatic toxicology, whole effluent toxicity testing and bioassays.  Now in our 16th year, American Aquatic Testing, Inc. was established by founders Chris Nally and Tarmo Pallop to provide support and expertise to a broad range of clients including; business, industry, utilities, municipal treatment facilities and the environmental consulting / engineering community.


Since 1993, our bioassay laboratory has been dedicated to the conduct of aquatic toxicology, sediment and soil toxicology, whole effluent toxicity bioassays and the environmental sciences.  Our staff is fully qualified to design, conduct and interpret the sometimes complex biomonitoring / toxicity studies necessary in our increasingly complicated and diverse regulatory environment.  We also have extensive experience with the regulatory requirements that affect our clients and are acutely aware of the importance of timely, high quality data.  The QA/QC program at American Aquatic Testing, Inc. is specifically designed to generate accurate test results that our clients can depend on.


The requirements and regulations for environmental compliance which include bioassay testing are always changing and American Aquatic Testing, Inc. has designed its facilities and services to be as flexible as possible to help our clients meet these new challenges.

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